YWAM UofN Kona

Jeannie Lee RN, MSN

I came to YWAM in 1996 for what I thought would be just a 3 month interlude in Hawaii. Little did I realize that this was just the beginning of an amazing journey with God. That he would expand my horizons from an east coast girl to an island girl and then catapult me into the Nations. (Sierra Leone, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia)
Three months stretched into twenty years. During these years, the most amazing gift of sight into God’s world was opened to me. My eyes saw the compassion and Love of God among the hurting and broken people around the world and that God had His thumbprint on my life and there was a reason for why He called me into this profession that I began to lose vision and passion for. I found my calling again.I have been on staff with Primary Health Care since 1999 and have also been a part of many other schools on campus including DTS, SBS, SOP. I enjoy diversity and new challenges to learn. My heart is to see people get excited about Jesus and the freedom He gives through truth and knowledge that brings transformation to the Whole body. My tool is through Health Education. My desire for the future is to always be discovering new things about God and to feel His pleasure in all that I do.