YWAM UofN Kona

Sung Childers

I’ve always since I was a kid had a heart for missions. The Lord prepared a special place in my heart for orphans; with that God has set me on a path, a journey towards fulfilling that heart desire for those most people don’t even think of, or may have forgotten are even out there in this world beyond their own world.

After a time spent in a children’s home in South Africa I felt the frustration of not being able to do more to enrich the life of these ‘starving’ children. I mean ‘starving’ in love, compassion from others, a sense of belonging and even the simple right to getting help when sick or hungry. I felt ill-equipped for the task which led me to do some further training; I have since taken a counseling school and the primary healthcare school; after doing the IPHC I felt God was challenging me to step out even more in faith and
grow in leadership development; since then I have staffed, co-led and lead the IPHC these past 6 years; I’m still growing, but God is so faithful in teaching me and strengthening me as I continue on my journey. I love being a part of what God is doing through primary healthcare; it has opened the door into areas that have been closed to the gospel, but as we meet the felt need of
the people it’s such a beautiful thing to see their hearts open up to Jesus and his love for them.